Industrial Engineering
Our roots are in hard-core industrial engineering in energy, architecture and construction. You can rely on our experts for field studies, designs, documentation, and the management of your engineering projects.
FEED & Basic Engineering
Our clients can trust on our expertise for FEED (Front End Engineering Design) and Basic Engineering as part of pre-planning of project investments. We ensure that prior to the start of detailed engineering and construction work you have all technical requirements, product specifications, and scope of work is documented for your project.
Requirements Management
Successful management of project requirements means that requirement identified are documented and followed up till the completed deliverables of your project. We know how to build processes, tools, and routines of your project team for gathering, analyzing, verifying, and monitoring & control of project requirements.
Plant 360 Detailed Engineering
Our team of CAD experts have experience of working on global projects in diverse industries. The plant 3D modelling, isometric design, Bill-of-materials, and design-to-quality control documents ensure the enhanced construction planning and error-free execution.
Information & Document Management
Our digital documentation and IT services are not less than the best, Is it documenting the workflows in your organization, designs release for construction, as-builts, Operations and user support manual, or compliance to local or international regulations.
Digital Twins Simulations
We are your partners in building the simulated future products, complex infrastructures, plants, and life cycle services. Our data scientists and digitalization experts will enable business leaders like you to make inclusive decisions and future-proof your business.
Asset Doppelganger Simulation
With this solution you can manage asset lifecycle with integrated information management environment that improves quality and reliability of asset data across all phases from the start of the project till the closure. Covering the asset performance for improved efficiency and reduced operating risks.
Plant Operation Simulation
Our plant operation Simulations helps your business to optimize and digitize processes to provide you with a clear picture of the past, present and future to improve cash management, sustainability, diversity, and quality.
Supply Chain Simulation
With the supply chain simulations, you can run countless design scenarios to reach the outcomes you desire. It transforms the one-off projects to a circular process. The data is available 24/7 and accessible by all.
Digitalization Services
Your business innovations must have digitalization needs. Our digitalization services help you plan and resource your business innovations from concept designs, system development, launch, and maintain the up-time of your digital assets.
Digital Service & UIX Design
With design thinking approach, our designers create future-proof solutions for the optimal experiences for your customers. We co-create with your team and potential users of your products by learning their behaviours, processes, and touchpoints. Starting from customer journey maps, service and content concepts, user experience design and till the user tested prototypes, we keep the alignment with your digital strategy and business operating models.
Digital system Development
Our digital system development services provide you best results whether you are modernizing the legacy IT architecture and systems or building a completely new solution including mobile applications, embedded systems, web applications, and SaaS systems. we guarantee high-quality software delivered on time, scope, and budget.
DevOps and System Diagnostics
Let us bring together your software operations and our software development team to build a culture to collaboration to automate the software development lifecycle, continuous improvement, and minimization of waste, hyperfocus on user needs with short feedback loops. We know how to make this complex set up do it in a simpler manner.
Robotic Process Automation
Get your business process mundane and high-volume tasks with our custom build bots. Our robotic process automation (RPA) services can accelerate your business performance, deliver real value and improve RoI. Start automating your business processes today!
Innovation Culture
While your competitors will let their company cultures to lunch innovative strategies. We can help you to build a winning culture for your company. Do not let the unspoken assumptions and non-functional values to spoil the positivity to learn and innovate.
Culture Scouting
Is it that your company culture is not letting the new innovations being successful? or your expert teams are not able to fulfil their passion to do great for your business? Let us scout the company culture and get you the unseen traps of social assumptions and values-in-use in your company. We can turn your leadership efforts towards a shorter route to build innovation culture in the company.
Innovation Values Grafting
The values communicated as part of company vision and mission statement are important, but what will make your business superior to competition are the values-in-use. The old values-in-practice cannot be un-plugged rather you need our expert services to carefully implant and nurture the new values-in-practice to let your organization learn the innovation culture.
Blue Ocean Mind-Set
Your business innovations deserve to shape the markets instead of just following the market trends; right? This requires a mindset of thinking about end-less possibilities, asking questions which open new avenues, having tools and methodologies to support such exploration, and leadership to let the people drive the process towards end-less possibilities. We have best in the class services for your market leading business.
Cultural Transformation Program
Let us run the innovation culture building as a transformation program consisting of our Culture Scouting, Innovation Values Grafting, and Blue Ocean Mind-set services. We have value stream-based program increment approach for culture transformation. Is not it innovative? Yes, we know how to do things out of the box and generate instant value of your investment in transformation programs.
Project Management Services
We help you to build your competent team by upskilling and reskilling with the state of the art practices, tools, and methodologies.
Project Feasibility Studies
We do the assessment of the practicality of proposed project on the basis of technical, economical, operational, legal, time, social and geopolitical feasibility. Let us kick off a feasibility study of your upcoming project and validate the value potential of the approved business case.
Expert On-site Services
Our experts on-site can advise or supervise all project executions activities at your site, including construction & installation, administration & accounting, commissioning & testing, and site closing activities. Our experts in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Automation, IT, QHSE, Documentation and Construction Management will be asset for your project.
Project Analytics and Forensics
Get the systematic analysis of project records to get insights into how your project is performing. With our project analytics services, your team can make better decisions in time and cost effectively by allowing them to observe patterns, trends, and other invisible relationships between project deliverables. We can also work with your contract experts or legal counsels to objectively examine project records to build independent expert reports for the entitlement, quantum, and schedule delay analysis. 
Capital Project Management
Our capital project management experts can create digital systems and work practices so that project owners, principal engineers and consultants, and contractors work together to ensure adherence to schedule, budget, and quality of work. We start working with our clients either early project planning stage or during construction and testing phase.
Strategic Program Portfolio Management
Strategy implementation is critical for your industrial organization or new business venture? You are implementing business strategy through transformation programs or managing portfolio of strategic, operational, and tactical projects? We know the rules of game, the pit falls and tricks for project & program selection, prioritization, resource balancing, and monitoring & control through enterprise portfolio management and enterprise portfolio management office set-up services.
Venture Management
You need your new business ventures and acquisitions to strengthen value proposition for your customers, instead of bring new challenges. Our ventures management service is the right choice for your expanding business.
Business Operations Due-Diligence
Success in ventures is how the operations (& capabilities) of your planned acquisition has robust business operations. Financial information only tells about the past but operational capabilities can tell the future potentials. We investigate, review, and verify the facts as part of due diligence services to get you identify the opportunities and risks associated with your planned acquisitions.
Business Value Synergy Analysis
Business value streams between your old and new business much synergize to generate higher cumulative profits. We have helped new businesses and start-ups to explore and exploit the potentials in your business value chains and free up the resources for value additions for your customer with leaner and smarter operations.
Operational Optimization
Adoption of new systems, tools, and practices also create flux and redundancies in business operations. Your business need to unlearn those redundancies without compromising on the operational reliability. We have the recipe for getting your team unlearn old so to help them focus on learning new, and hence optimize your business operations.
Value Chain Reconfiguration
Another service we offer for your fast adopt innovations while reducing waste is to reconfigure your business value chains. Digital technologies and modern practices are bringing opportunities to redraw the value chains, restructure the skill set of your teams.